Florentino Table
Villa Table
Florentine table as shown is 60” x 96” and is available in sizes to suit all room
dimensions.  The table is beautifully matched with Portuguese Chairs, model 318,
the floral design is etched into the chair leather, hand painted and then decorated
with old coins.  The Portuguese chairs are also available as armchairs, bar chairs
and a very unique bench.
The Villa table is a beautiful solid wood trestle table,
made from South American Cedar with hand carved
acanthus leaves decorating the corners. The table is
mounted on two handsomely carved legs connected
by a solid carved trestle.  This table is 42” wide and is
available in 84”, 96” and 109” lengths and can be
ordered with extension leaves.
valentino chair
villa chair
Spanish  Revival       

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